What we do

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated

The Hamwic Education Trust identifies that within it there are many colleagues who are highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated to furthering their practice. We have created an opportunity open to all staff across our academies to construct, collaborate and create through funded joint action research on any area of teaching, learning and leadership that they are interested in developing.

In addition to our action research projects we look to innovate in the way that our schools are run.  This ranges from school governance to School Business Management.


Our team can offer a wide range of skills and services to support schools from school improvement, consultancy work, Ofsted preparation training, School Leader performance management or Business support.

If you are interested in using any of our services, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hamwic Teaching School Alliance

The Hamwic Teaching Schools Alliance provides the highest quality training using the full range of alliance resources and professional expertise. All activities are tailored so that local and national needs are met. We believe that highest quality inspirational teaching and classroom based action research is the vehicle by which system led school improvement will be most effective. Every pupil within our community of schools deserves consistent high quality provision consistently. Our teachers will impact on their lives by improving outcomes and developing confident, independent members of the community.

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Harefield SCITT

We have our own School Centred Initial Teacher Training centre (Harefield SCITT). This means that throughout the Trust we train teachers to specifically meet the needs of the Trust schools as well as ensuring that they get outstanding training opportunities. Alongside this we ensure that there is an opportunity for members of staff to either mentor a trainee or help develop and facilitate the training programme that we operate.

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