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At HAMWIC, we do all we can to ensure all our pupils are safe in our schools and in their lives away from school. Recognising that local authorities (in Hamwic, this includes Portsmouth, Southampton, BCP and Dorset) retain the ultimate responsibility for safeguarding, we seek to ensure that the safeguarding culture in all of our schools is embedded and effective.

We do this by:

•            Collating and analysing safeguarding information each term

•            Carrying out safeguarding reviews

•            Checking local authority safeguarding audits

•            Providing training for governors and staff

•            Delivering termly up-dates to leaders

•            Providing relevant safeguarding information in half termly newsletters

•            Maintaining up-to-date documents for schools to use or amend

If you have a safeguarding concern, please notify any of the following:

The designated safeguarding lead, Gemma Carr 07799 902 971

The safeguarding officer, Ruth Davies 07395 792 802

Or contact the head office on 02380 786833