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The Education Team provide support and challenge for our school leaders to ensure our schools deliver a good standard of education.

Headings include:

Standards Officers:

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Our standards officers are:

Chris Bulmer – works with schools in Hillary and Greenway partnerships

Sue Underwood – works with Jeffries partnership

Abbie Wilkinson – works with Edwin Jones and Mayflower partnerships

The Standards Officers work with individual schools and partnerships of schools, delivering support to school leaders and senior leadership teams. Following an audit, standards officers plan what support will be needed through the year.

This support may include:

Coaching, supporting and training leaders in the skills they need to drive school improvement

Ensuring schools are well informed and up-to-date about statutory changes

Planning and delivering relevant and precise training in line with school need

Challenging leaders to improve outcomes and quality of education

Reviewing and sharpening documentation which supports school improvement


Teaching and Learning Advisers:

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Our teaching and learning advisors are:

Karen O’Connor:

Colin Flanagan

Alex Francis

Michelle Williams

Advisors work across the trust. They provide support and development for teachers and teaching assistants, to improve practice in schools.


Inclusion Team:

Claire Shaw is the manager of the Inclusion Team

Stuart Bonney is the Inclusion Officer

Dylan Wrixon is the Family Liaison Officer



Louise Adams is the Designated Safeguarding Lead for the trust

Claire Shaw is the Safeguarding Officer