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Vision, Values & Ethos


The vision for the Hamwic Education Trust is to create communities of schools working together in close geographical areas, where the School Leaders and Governing Bodies take a collective responsibility and are accountable for children’s wellbeing and for standards of education provision in their community.

The Hamwic Education Trust is passionate about the central role of education in improving individual life chances for children and young people. We believe in a local education, with the freedom to collectively support the needs of the community it serves. We promote a ‘self-improving community’ model, driving up standards in local geographical regions. To achieve our aims we provide quality training to all staff utilising the strengths, knowledge and expertise from within our own schools and from a range of professional partners/alliances.

The Trust enables groups of schools within communities to work together in partnership, School Leaders of the schools taking a collective responsibility and being accountable for education within their community, improving standards, developing the curriculum and identifying and tracking progress.


The Hamwic Education Trust is committed to:

  • Improving outcomes and pathways to employment opportunities for students through the provision of the Trust's expertise and the use of resources
  • Creating a self-improving school system, based on shared values of respect, perseverance, co-operation and trust
  • Holding our Academies to account for standards
  • Ensuring a collective responsibility and accountability by schools for student outcomes in their community
  • Developing high quality systems and structures allowing School Leaders to focus on teaching and learning
  • Recruiting and developing high quality staff and CPD opportunities
  • Meeting the needs of the local communities
  • Developing community engagement
  • Promoting an all through curriculum by linking learning through the different phases of education
  • Retaining individual schools' local identity


  • To create a learning community that promotes excellence for all
  • To raise standards in education and create a learning environment where all children achieve excellence
  • To create a caring environment that supports all learners, whatever their natural talents, to develop into well informed, motivated young people confident in themselves and actively aware of their role as citizens in today’s society
  • To create a community of schools where all stakeholders have a say and are involved in the life of their school and hold their schools to account
  • To recognise that ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’