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What We Do

The Hamwic Education Trust identifies that within it there are many colleagues who are highly motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated to furthering their practice.  We have created an opportunity open to all staff across our academies to construct, collaborate and create, through funded joint action, research on any area of teaching, learning and leadership that they are interested in developing.

The Benefits

  • The utilisation of local expertise
  • CPD and training opportunities for staff across the multi academy trust
  • Highly trained staff including an experienced advisory team, national and specialist leaders of education working with schools in order to raise standards, monitor progress and attainment for individual schools and across all phases
  • Provision of managed services to support school business functions including finance, HR, H&S and IT solutions
  • Qualified staff ensuring statutory compliance requirements are met
  • Maximising best value by using economies of scale in the procurement process
  • Implementation of proven governance structures
  • Experienced academy conversion team
  • A collective responsibility for academic excellence in the community
  • Procurement of shared services providing lower costs for schools within the MAT

We look to innovate in the way that our schools are run.  This ranges from assisting schools with ensuring that their education standards are high to assisting with all business areas (e.g. finance, HR, H&S, premises, IT).

Our team can offer a wide range of skills and services to support schools in school improvement, consultancy work, Ofsted preparation training, school leader performance management and business support.

Please click on the links to the various areas if you would like more information